We will REFINANCE your home
up to 85% of the APPRAISED value,
even if you're unemployed
Consolidate your debt once and for all!
Let the Equity in Your Home Work for You!
*This is an example of what we can do for you.
New payment schedule is based on 1% minimum monthly payments of outstanding balance.
O.A.C. Some Conditions Apply. E&O *Rates are subject to change without notice. Terms & Conditions Apply.
Bruised Credit
Rejected by the Bank
Power of Sale
Property Taxes in Arrears
Mortgage Payments in Arrears
Bill Collectors Calling
24hr Approvals
Home Equity Loans
Credit Card Payments in Arrears
No Income Varification
Self Employed
Past Bankrupt
Debt Consolidation
Home Renovations
Overwhelmed by Debt
Commercial Mortgages
E&O Terms & Conditions Apply
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Ken Marks, AMP
Mortgage Agent
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